Scottish Character Soaps

This is not just for saving the planet and the creatures we share it with but it is for YOU.

I would once happily go through life using anything I thought looked nice, smelled nice and/or felt nice. Until one day I suddenly became ill and was sent to the hospital. Before this time I was a perfectly healthy human being, but some months later I was to discover that all the additives in the foods and products I used had been feeding the hormone imbalance in my body for years and it had come to a point that it suddenly showed itself and only medical intervention would make it possible for me to function again. How had this been going on inside my body without me having the slightest idea of the damage it was causing?

Over the next 20 years I would develop products that would be safe for my family and friends to use, products that would not only protect them from harm in the long term but that could also condition their skin too.